Reasons Why Your Campaign Are Disapproved

Did Adline disapprove your campaign? Adline has certain quality standards that have to be met when creating ads. We follow the quality guidelines and advertising policies made by Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as our own advertising standards.

Here are the main reasons why your campaign has been disapproved:

Main reasons for disapproval might include;
  • Too low budget compared to the number of ads created.
  • Too short campaign period (we usually recommend a minimum of 7-14 days campaign period for first-time users).
  • Only 1 ad in the campaign (our algorithm requires enough content to be effective).
  • If you have created Google Search Ads, and you forgot to add keywords/search terms in Target groups.
  • If your images aren't formatted correctly.
  • You're using exclamation marks, capital letters, and special characters in the Google Search Ads.
  • You're advertising alcohol, harmful objects, and/or medicine-related products.

Read the Google Ads Policies:

Read the Facebook Ad Policy Basics: