Campaign budgeting

The campaign budgeting in Adline is very simple. You can either choose a lifetime budget or a daily budget. Here’s how it works.

Important: It is important to remember that you can have multiple channels (e.g. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) in the same campaign. And because Adline float the ad spend, we are able to allocate the budget accordingly. The built-in algorithms will move the budget across channels to the best-performing ads. Meaning, Adline will choose where to invest your ad spend.

Lifetime budget

When you choose a lifetime budget for your campaign, you will only pay the lifetime budget. The lifetime budget will be allocated and spread out on the whole period set.
Let’s say you want to start your campaign on 30th July and run it until 15th September (48 days), and with a daily budget of $15. In this case, you will have to pay $720 USD.

Daily budget

You just need to set a daily budget and choose if you want to let it run continuously or have an end date.

If you run the campaign continuously: Let’s say you’ve set a daily budget of $15 dollars, you will then have to pay the weekly amount (daily budget x 7 days). In this case, $105 dollars a week. On the sixth day, we will deduct the same amount and let the campaign run one more week. You pay $105 dollars weekly until you stop the campaign.

If you set a start and end date: In this case, you will pay the daily budget times the period you have chosen. E.g. your daily budget is $1,000 dollars or pounds, and you want to advertise from September 10th to 20th. You then have to reserve a $10,000 ad spend balance in Adline. 

How much ad spend / budget do I need?

We recommend spending approximately $5-10 dollars daily per ad. It varies from industry to industry and niche to niche, but it is important to spend enough to collect enough performance data. The machine-learning needs statistical significance in order to start making intelligent decisions.

And in order to get the best results from your advertising campaign, you need multiple ads and A/B-tests for the same product or offer you want to advertise. We recommend that you create ads with different images and ad copy (headlines and descriptions).

The machine-learning needs enough input to start optimizing and improving your campaign. Create 3-4 different ads for the same offer.

We highly recommend creating several versions of your ad. You should have enough financial resources to invest $30 daily in a campaign with around 4 different ads.

What happens if I stop and start the campaign?

When you start a campaign in Adline, the platform will reserve that balance exclusively to this campaign as long as it is active.

If you have chosen "Run my campaign continuously", and you stop the campaign to make a few changes, Adline will then recalculate and make sure you have 7 days worth of ad spend balance when you hit start. If you've set a start and end date, you can pause and make adjustments without balance being affected.

If you create and publish a new campaign when you have an existing active campaign, Adline will deduct a new balanse for this new campaign. But if you stop the existing campaign first, and then start a new one, Adline will use your remaining balance.