Connecting Your Facebook Page

Important note: Normally, you connect to a Facebook Page by being an "Admin" of the page. However, in some cases, where the Facebook Page has a "Page Owner", you also need access to the Page Owner (usually a Business Manager Account). More info below.

Important: There are two parts to connecting your Facebook Page to Adline. First, you need to connect the Adline App to your Facebook Profile, then you can connect Adline to your Facebook Page.

1) Click the "Login to Facebook" button in your Campaign settings. Accept the request and click OK.

2) Go back to Adline and click the "Login to Facebook" button again. This time, you will see a popup with all the Facebook pages you manage.

3) Select your page and click "Choose". Adline will now send a request to your Page.

4) Accept the Pending Partner Request. Go to your Facebook Page > Page Settings > Page Roles. See the image below.

5) Go back to Adline
Check if the connection is successful. If not, click "Log in to Facebook" again and choose the page in the popup. Adline should now be connected to your Facebook Page.

If your page has a "Page Owner"

As stated above, some Facebook Pages have a Page Owner (also called a Business Manager Account). In these cases, you also need access to the Business Manager to be able to respond to the Adline request. This has to be done in Business Settings in your Business Manager Account. 

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