How to Create a Campaign (Step-By-Step)

One of the beauties of Adline, is that you can both create and publish ads across multiple channels – all in one place. With our Creative Studio you can build beautiful banner ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and Google search ads.

Here's how to create a campaign – step-by-step:

1) Go to Advertising -> Campaigns

2) Click "Create campaign" and choose a name


3) Click "Create new ad"

In the video below, we're adding both Facebook Ads and Google Display Banners into the same campaign.

4) Add a location

Choose where you want your ads to be shown. You can choose multiple countries and cities. 

5) Choose a budget

You can choose between a daily budget or a lifetime budget. If you choose $15 on daily budget, we will deduct $15 x 7 days ($105). For Lifetime budget, you will be deducted for the whole period – budget times number of days. The budget will be allocated across multiple channels. Our machine-learning (Elena) will optimize the budget in the best way possible.

6) Connect your Facebook Page

Remember to accept the Request on your Facebook Page Settings. Read how to do this here.

7) Age and Gender

We recommend you to select both "All" and "Unknown". Our machine-learning will detect the best demographics in 24 hours based on your results. If your audience is either Male or Female, you should select so.

8) Select keywords & audiences

Target groups are based on two elements; Facebook Interest Audiences in the left column, and Google Keywords in the right column. For Facebook, you can target your competitors' audiences by adding their Facebook Page in your audience. E.g. if you sell sportswear, you could add the original Facebook Adidas Page. For Google, you should add both long-tail and short-tail keywords.

P.S: An important thing to remember, Adline will use the keywords and interests you add as a starting point. Adline will then test and optimize your audience in the best possible way. All this happens in the backend. Elena will identify your target audience.

Now you can start the campaign

When you've created ads, connected your Facebook page, created your audience and chosen a budget, you can scroll to the top and click "START CAMPAIGN". Adline will now optimize your ads, test audiences, find the best creative/audience combination and allocate the budget across channels and specific ads.

P.S: The more advertising data Adline collects, the better your campaigns will perform. Be patient and let Adline optimize your campaigns.

Good luck – and let's become present!