Select action events

When you set up your account for the first time, you should begin to select at least three actions. Go to Manage actions and choose at least three action points. These are like "custom events", and they tell us what conversions you want to generate.

1) Go to Manage actions

2) Select a minimum of three actions

How it works

Actions are the same as "conversions" or "goal completions" in Google Analytics or "custom events" on Facebook. The Adline Script will scrape your whole website for all action points on your website. This can be e.g. a button ("Buy now", "Send request", or "Book a demo") or it can be a phone number.

When you select what you want to achieve, Adline registers this as custom events or conversion goals, and all advertising campaigns will be optimized accordingly. You will also see this as Conversions in your dashboard.